L→R Aina Ougi(Vocals & Keyboard) Kanna(Drums & Backing Vocals)

AINAKANNA is a 2-piece (piano&drums) Female Rock Group playing a unique style of pop rock with a Japanese touch, adding aspects of J-Pop mixed with western rock.

Aina Ougi is a Singer/songwriter who sings intensely while playing piano. She made a major debut with Victor in 2005, one of the biggest labels in Japan that has developed numerous careers. She also sings the theme song of the popular Japanese horror movie, “Rinne” (English title: “Reincarnation”)This movie was shown worldwide.
She was also a member of the band “Foo-Shah-Zoo” with Kinniku Shōjo Tai.

Kanna is a rock’n roll drummer who has had sessions with many famous Japanese musicians.

AINAKANNA released “Shinonome Prelude” in 2019, and started crowd funding to do a worldwide tour. It has been successful, so now they are planning a tour of Europe.

They are a 2 piece band which is a “minimum,” but their sound is the “MAXIMUM”.

photo by:Yuki Takada