2020.9.9 Release ¥2,000(tax in) / TJE-002

Song Contents

01.Over the Border
02.Chanson Girl
03.Onisan Kochira
04.Cheer Song
06.15 pounds of love
07.Wanted to be a Pretty Guardian
08.Migratory Fish

AINAKANNA’s world view expands with an eye on overseas expansion

This is the second album by AINAKANNA, a two-piece rock band with punk piano and rock’n’roll drums.

Last year they achieved a successful crowdfunding campaign, and this year they were scheduled to tour Europe and expand their global reach, but due to the spread of the corona virus, they were forced to postpone their plans. The album is an album that expands on their dreams of going overseas, while likening their current situation to ‘transit’, with songs about ‘Hakkei’ that they have glimpsed in the meantime.
Inspired by the famous chanson song ‘ Poupée de cire, poupée de son’, the lead track Chanson Girl” is a song about if Chanson Dolls Really Became Human.
“Oni-san Kochira”, a song about the Japanese music scene threatened by an unprecedented virus; and “15 Pounds of Love”, the theme song of this year’s SSS Cup, a pro-bowling tournament for which we also worked on the previous album, and more AINAKANNA We hope you will enjoy the worldview that has been expanded to include the world while refining its character.